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New Mama "Must Haves"

Amanda Penner1 Comment
New Mama "Must Haves"

When we first started up our website in September 2013, we included a blog.
As time passed and our little company grew, the blog posts kept being pushed to the back-burner.
We are so excited to finally start this up again and look forward to connecting with you through our blog!

I wanted to start it off with a post of some of my favourite items that I’ve come across since becoming a new mom.
All these items are things that I own and use on a regular basis and since I believe in each product so much, I’d love to give the entire lot away to one lucky winner so make sure to enter our giveaway at the bottom!

1. Vonbon Apparel - knotted hat.
We received several hats for our baby when I was pregnant, all very cute. This one however, was the one of the most used items in Remy’s first few months. This little knotted had stayed on, covered his ears but didn’t slide down over his face.  It turns out there is a perfect newborn hat and this is definitely it! It doesn’t hurt that it is made out of extremely soft organic cotton and made locally in Vancouver!


2. Mushybooks - modern baby book.
This is one item I hadn’t thought much about during my pregnancy but once I got my hands on one, I was so glad I did! So many baby books out there require a lot of effort and end up only getting a few pages filled out and scrapbooked and then tossed aside. Lesley’s baby books are so well thought out and filling them out is so easy! Her designs are simple and timeless. There is a spot for all the things you never want to forget about your pregnancy and every exciting and hilarious stage of your little one’s first year. She also offers other pages to add into your book, including toddler pages so the memories don’t stop at your baby’s first birthday.

3. Numpfer - multi use bib 
We met Sarah through Instagram when we were in the early stages of building our company and as soon as we saw her product and branding, we knew she was on to something. I had seen her ultra soft bibs and blankets at a few stores and couldn’t get enough of the soft fabric she uses. When Remy was born, we had one bib and once we realized how many outfit changes it saved us from, we knew we needed several! Even a little trail of newborn spit up can make it’s way down a onesie, or into the crevices of a carseat buckle and this bib saves the day, every time! Now we have a drooler on our hands and the bib is an every day staple.

4. Cover me Ponchos - nursing cover
The day I gave birth to Remy, Mariah contacted me and asked if I’d like to try one of her ponchos. I knew I wanted to breastfeed and thought the poncho could really come in handy. It turns out it did! Not only did it provide a calm environment for my son when I nursed him in public (because he is very easily distracted by his surroundings) it also proved to be a great carseat cover for when he feel asleep on outings. 

5. Zoe Organics - Everything Balm
My mom gave me this Everything Balm from Eco Diva Beauty and it lives up to its name. I smeared it on everything from cradle cap to dry winter cheeks, diaper rashes and my own chapped lips. This stuff is great and is made from only certified organic ingredients.

6. Bébé Deluxe - Coconut milk and oat bath
This organic oat bath fits right into  our bedtime routine of a calming bath every night with Remy.  We fell in love with this vegan, toxin free, ‘no nasties’ oat bath. It smells good enough to eat! It keeps baby’s skin soft and supple and don’t be surprised if you find yourself throwing a few scoops into your own bath if you get a chance. This will definitely be one of my baby shower ‘go to’ gifts. 

7. Little and Lively- leggings.
My childhood friend, Carmen, has been making, crafting and sewing since I can remember and when she had her daughter, ‘Little and Lively’ started to take shape. She gave us a pair of her leggings when we had our son and they are super soft and a great fit with an extra high back for cloth diapers or those dreaded explosions. 

8. Brikhouse Clothing - teething necklace
We are in the thick of teething and this sure comes in handy. Even before Remy started teething, it was a great necklace to wear as it served as a toy that I always had on hand. He can tug on it to his heart’s content and I’m not worried of it breaking. They have several designs to choose from that are a great addition to any outfit.

9. Little Bloom Designs - canvas bin
This handmade canvas bin can be used several ways in your little one’s nursery. I use mine in the dresser drawer to separate clothes but it’s also great for the change table or top of the dresser to store diapers and wipes.


- One pair of minimoc moccasins or shoes of their choice. 

- One Vonbon Oak Feather knotted hat 

- A $50 credit to Mushybooks

- Two multi use Numpfer bibs

- One heather grey 'Cover me Ponchos' nursing cover

- Zoe Organics 'Everything Balm' from Eco Diva

- One Petit bag of Coconut and Oat Milk Bath from Bébé Deluxe

- One pair of 0-3 months grey triangle leggings from Little and Lively

- Portland Silicone teething necklace from Brikhouse Clothing

- One feather print canvas bin from Little Bloom Designs