Minimoc Fall Warehouse Sale 2015

Minimoc Fall Warehouse Sale 2015

We held our very first Warehouse Sale in April earlier this year. We opened the door to the public and were absolutely blown away by the turn out. When people started showing up an hour or two before the event started, we began to think that maybe we had underestimated how many of you would show up. We are thrilled by the support we received at our last warehouse sale and we are happy to invite you to another warehouse sale before the holiday season starts.

The Following information will help you greatly if you plan on attending our warehouse sale this Saturday.

Date: Saturday October 17

Time: 10am - 2pm

Address: 2238 Queen Street Unit 147 (near the Abbotsford Airport and Highstreet)




**PLEASE park on Queen street and walk into the complex. We have very limited parking space inside the gate. Once you go through the gate, turn right immediately and go around the building to the left, our unit will be open and you can’t miss us from here. ( Plus we’ll put up signs)

Tid Bits of information:

1. We will be accepting Cash and Credit Cards, (MasterCard, Visa, American Express.)

2. ALL discounted items purchased are FINAL SALE

3. Prices are non-negotiable. Minimoc Prices range from $15 - $35 with the majority in the $25-$30 range. Little and Lively Prices range from $1-$25

4. We are expecting some rain on Saturday. We will have some covered areas but we advise you to dress warm and bring an umbrella.

5. Full price (non warehouse sale) mocs and shoes will be available upon request.

6. Moccasins and Shoes will be organized by size and sale prices are labelled individually.

7. All the items that are out, are all the items that are available (unless you'd like to purchase regular price items).

8. There is one checkout counter for both Minimoc and Little and Lively. You can pay for both shops in one purchase. 


1. Please do not spend any more time than needed in warehouse. Once you are ready to pay, head straight to the cashier line.

2. If you are purchasing items for another person who is not present at the sale, we ask that you refrain from making phone calls while inside the warehouse to see what they want. Contact the person you are buying for BEFORE you are in the building and find out their top picks, and runner ups!

3. If you change your mind about a pair of shoes and you take them away from a table, please give them back to someone in a Happy Camper Minimoc Apron.

4. We don't have space for strollers inside the warehouse so if you do bring your child(ren) along, please have them in a carrier. We may ask you to park your stroller outside if you do bring it along.

5. Lastly, HAVE FUN! Jeff and I (Amanda) are thrilled to welcome you into our warehouse, where every single Minimoc moccasin and shoe is made and we hope you can find something you like!