The Urban Market At Highstreet

The Urban Market At Highstreet

The Urban Market at Highstreet in my hometown of Abbotsford was this weekend. It was the first market I have attended as a vendor and I had an absolutely amazing experience. I was blown away with the reception to Minimoc, so many people had good things to say about the product and the display.  I have to thank Spruce Collective for putting on such a great event!

I truly enjoyed meeting all of you who came to my table this weekend! We probably had a brief moment to chat, so If you want to keep up with the latest on Minimoc feel free to visit the Facebook and Instagram pages.


Queen Bee made a debut on Friday night at the sneak peek event party. If you didn't get a chance to attend you may have seen the announcement on our Instagram account. These gold Mocs made quite the "Buzz" this weekend, and they are now available in the Minimoc online shop.


Thanks to everyone who supported Minimoc this weekend! I'm so glad we could connect, whether you attended the market and just said "Hi" or you found a pair for some little feet in your life. 


Ps. Here's a few photos from the weekend.